Do You Think Us Involvement In Vietnam Was Justified Why Or Why Not (2023)

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Answer 1

Many people think the Vietnam war was unnecessary. Others thought otherwise. But, later in the war people who supported it began to lose support for it.

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The supreme court?s ruling in brown v. board of education was based on the legal argument that segregation violated the ______________________ amendment.


Forteenth Amendment is correct

What program was designed to land a person on the moon?


The Apollo program! The first one to make it to the moon was Apollo 11. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first people on the moon.

In the lend-lease program, the united states provided foreign nations with military and other supplies in return for _____.


In the lend-lease program, the united states provided foreign nations with military and other supplies in return for monetary compensation.

The Lend-Lease Act was an agreement made by the US and its allies during World War II. The US would lend them military equipment in order to receive compensation for it. Britain and China were both benefited by this program.

The US received a multi-billion-dollar payment for this.

In the Lend-Lease program, the United States provided foreign nations with military and other supplies in return for the lease of bases in the territories of the countries that received aid.

The Lend-Lease Act, formally titled "Act to Promote the Defense of the United States", was a program under which the United States began supplying food, oil and military equipment to the United Kingdom, the exiled government of Free France, the Republic of China and later to the Soviet Union and other allied nations between 1941 and August 1945. The program included warships, jets and other weapons. It became law on March 11, 1941 and was repealed in September 1945. In general, the aid was free, although some equipment (such as ships) were returned after the end of the war. In exchange for the aid, the United States received the lease of military bases and naval bases in the territory of its allied countries during the war.

What foreign policy issues did president clinton have to adress during his presidency?


The collapse of soviet union and the uncertainties of the post cold war world produced a number of foreign policy crisis that challenge Clinton's ability as a stateman

What did the egyptians build to increase their production of crops?


The Egyptians built irrigation systems in order to supply their crops with water.

Which european country was the first to bring slaves into the americas?


Great Britain was the first country to bring slaves to the Americas.

Which best describes the precedent set by the supreme court in new york times v. unites states regarding government censorship?


Government censorship is almost always unconstitutional


Government censorship is almost always unconstitutional.

What were some characteristics of the trench warfare?


People got down in trenches and shot at people in other trenches. They would sometimes have to stay for days at a time. The conditions were rough and dirty.


The Trench Warfare had rats, and soldiers lived in mud, there was no fresh food, and you could never sleep. If you were ordered to go in "no man's land." you were met many rounds of machine-gun fire. Trench warfare consists of a series of trenches on opposing sides with a “no man's land” in between…the movement of the troops was very slow. The Schlieffen Plan was to quickly invade Belgium and France while holding action against Russia.


What was the purpose of the gallipoli campaign?


The main purpose of the Gallipoli campaign was to endWorld War Onequickly by creating a new war front that the Turks could not defend. The campaign took place between 25thApril 1915 and 9thJanuary 1916 and is considered to have been a great failure for the Allied Forces, who lost over 140,000 men. Although the losses on the Turkish side were higher with a total amount of 200,000 deaths, they defended so strongly for months on end that the Allies decided to retreat.

Why did the british soldiers fight at concord and lexington?


They fought to prevent the Americans from taking over the New England territory. :)

What is the name of three provisions of the civil rights act of 1875


The civil rights act of 1857 was passed just after the Civil War during reconstruction. It was supposed to give freed slaves equal rights. However, it would be a very long time until that happened. Good things did come from this though. For example it started the path to equality. Also, this did give newly freed slaves some rights. Finally this helped to get rid of discrimination within the government.

In what year did great britain began to use the new calendar


Great Britain and the British Empire except Scotland started in 1752 and they adopted the Gregorian calendar and 1952 also

Explain how john locke's ideas influenced the american revolution


John Locke believed that everyone should have natural rights. After the revolution the declaration of independence gave all citizens of the United States.

How are making weapons as dangerous as using weapons? what are the human cost?


It is the same but actually, this is more dangerous because this becomes the source of destruction. The creation of arms motivates those who plan for war. The human cost is greater, without the source there would be no military power that would threaten life.

During the vietnam war, this was the name of the guerrilla group that fought the united staes and south vietnam on behalf of north vietnam.


Viet Cong was the fighting force that was fighting the americans


The name of this group was the Viet Cong

Who was responsible for the counter reformation?


Pope Paul III
I'm 97% sure at least.

Why was the invention of cotton gin so important to the textile industry?


The cotton gin was used toquickly and easily separatecottonfibers from their seeds efficiently and certainly more quicker than slaves. With this invention, Cotton production was faster, and the need for more slaves grew.
(Hope it helped ^_^)

Cotton gins are used to separate cotton seeds from the fibers. It used to have to be done by hand, so creating It reduced the amount of time it took to create fabrics

1.Cooper's steam locomotive was more pratical for carrying _____ (check all that apply) A. people
B. coal
C. military supplies
D. mail

2. Which is true regarding the following statements.

A. When there is a war production decreases.
B. When there is war production increases.
C. When there is peace production decreases.
D. When there is peace production does not change.

3. Which of the following conclusions is correct regarding the Embargo Act of 1807?

A. Made the United States look weak because of their lack of interest in British goods.
B. Made the United States look stronger because they were more self reliant.
C. Decreased the competitive spirit of America because there were less places to buy products from.
D. America was practicing isolationism with France and England.

4. Select all ways that the steamboat was used.

A. International trade
B. Military ships
C. Private cruises
D. River transportation


1- Cooper's steam locomotive was more practical for carrying PEOPLE, COAL AND MAIL.

It was called Tom Thumb, and was constructed by Peter Cooper in 1830.

2- The correct answer is B. When there is war production increases, because governments maximize efforts to economically sustain war expenditures, and supply their troops with resources.

3- The correct answer is B. The Embargo Act of 1807 made the United States look stronger because they were more self reliant, because they didn't import any goods, producing them by itself.

4- The correct answers are A, C and D.The steamboat was used for many purposes. Some of them included international trade, private cruises and river transportation, mainly in the Mississippi.

1.a b d 2.d 3.b 4.c d a

When russia began expanding south towards the black sea it came into conflict with ______ witch tsar nicholasi refer to as the sick man of europe a poland
b sweden
c lithuania
d the ottoman empire


The answer is D. I'm 99% sure.

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